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Dear Gentle Readers,

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We welcome you back to our highly informative, always thoughtful MMSC blog. We have not made an entry here since our trip out to Oregon in the summer of smoke in 2013. (You can check out that trip in previous blog entries.) We are following the signs, and wanted to return to this digital diary as a way to keep you all up-to-date on our MMSC “doings.” (For the actors among you, we are “doing our doings.”) Hope that you will join us on the journey as we begin to travel down different roads and experiences.

The summer of 2015 looms as one of great change for MMSC and its founders, Bob Miller & Christine Crawfis. We are venturing  into new venues (including Woodland Pond in New Paltz & County Players Falls Theatre in Wappingers Falls), dabbling in new formats (including an entire weekend festival of Readers Theatre programs in July), welcoming family to The Great Gathering in June, hosting a Bridal Shower for our daughter in June (with the subsequent WEDDING in August), watching Bob as he (finally) retires (for real) in September, culling 26+ years of living from the home that we have known in New Paltz, and (take a deep breath) selling the aforesaid home, and moving (to who-knows-where). Big Change. More on all of these (and more) in future posts.

Christine, Bob, Ruby and Miss Georgia at the Finish Line of the recent Walkin The Dog event, a fundraiser for Elting Memorial Library.

Christine, Bob, Ruby and Miss Georgia at the Finish Line of the recent Walkin The Dog event, a fundraiser for Elting Memorial Library.

And oh, back in November we welcomed a new member of the MMSC mascot family – our sweet Ruby, an eight month old Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy. Ruby joins Miss Georgia as the official MMSC rehearsal mascots. They welcome the actors into our rehearsal studio and make certain that everyone is on task and patiently listen in on our rehearsals. They are a great audience. They never make comments or rustle candy papers. More on this in future posts.

Our rehearsals for the Big Summer Project (a full three-day Readers Theatre weekend at the County Players Falls Theatre in Wappingers Falls) begin next week with a table-read of The Language Archive. Back in the saddle. Or in the case of our lovely mascots – back on the couch. Can’t wait to get started. More on our rehearsals in future posts.

Next weekend – May 15 & 16 – we will be performing at The Lady With All The Answers at Woodland Pond. Even though the play is about Ann Landers, Bob likes to tease that the part was written especially for Christine to play because, after all, she does have all the answers. We’ll post photos from the performances.

There is much to think and talk about. Glad to be back. Happy you could join us. Stay tuned.

And we’re off and running…

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