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Completing The Canon

OSF's production of Cymbeline on the Elizabethan Stage.

OSF’s production of Cymbeline on the Elizabethan Stage.

We do not consider ourselves to be part of that tiny subset of Theatre-Goers known as Shakeseare Canon Completists; those avid Shakespeare fans who seek to see a production of every one of the 38 plays that make up the Bard’s canon of plays. But many of Shakespeare audience members do pride themselves on how close they may be to completing the canon. This is why those plays which are infrequently produced (say, Cymbeline which is playing on OSF’s Elizabethan stage this summer) are certain to sell out.

Nevertheless, as we head out to Ashland we find ourselves contemplating the plays in that famous Canon and hoping to check off one or two.

Maybe you can use this handy guide to keep track of your own “productions seen” list. Here’s our tally. Let us know how you score.

Here’s the COMEDIES:

The Comedy of Errors _X_
Much Ado About Nothing _X_
The Taming of the Shrew _X_
As You Like It _X_
The Two Gentlemen of Verona _X_
Twelfth Night _X_
Love’s Labour’s Lost _X_
Troilus and Cressida _O_
A Midsummer Night’s Dream _X_
All’s Well That Ends Well _X_
The Merchant of Venice _X_
Measure for Measure _X_
The Merry Wives of Windsor _X_

And now the Histories…

King John _O_
Richard II _O_
Henry IV, Part One _X_Henry IV, Part Two _X_
Henry V _X_
Henry VI, Part One _X_
Henry VI, Part Two _O_
Henry VI, Part Three _O_
Richard III _X_
Henry VIII _X_

And the Tragedies…

Titus Andronicus _X_
Romeo and Juliet _X_
Julius Caesar _O_
Hamlet _X_
Othello _X_
King Lear _X_
Macbeth _X_
Antony and Cleopatra _O_
Coriolanus _X_
Timon of Athens _O_

And finally, the Romances…

Pericles _X_
Cymbeline _X_
The Winter’s Tale _X_
The Tempest _X_
The Two Noble Kinsmen _O_

We are at 29 seen with 9 still to go. How’d you do? Where do you need to fill in the gaps? We are delighted to say that we were able to find (and see) a production of Pericles.  If you find a production of The Two Noble Kinsmen, let us know! Or Timon of Athens. Two of the harder ones to find.  Go ahead. Tell us your score.

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