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Family, friends, and hanging out


Lunch on the deck of Greenleaf Restaurant, July 30, 2012. Table #1: Josh, Jacqui, Liz, Stella, Zoe & Nellie. (Not shown at table #2: Noah, Bob, Chris, Irene Berner and Helen)

The first two days of our visit have been dedicated to some serious hanging out with family and friends.

  • Sunday Brunch on the deck of our little home-away-from-home with Grandma Chris, Grandpa Bob, Jacqui, Noah and the girls.


    Grandpa Bob relaxing on the back deck with the girls on our first Sunday in Ashland. July 2012

  • Sunday Coffee at Starbuck’s with Josh and Jacqui. (Josh had to depart shortly after to run a matinee performance of MMC at OSF. Details on MMC will follow in a later post.)
  • Sunday Dinner on the front porch ofJosh and Jacqui’s apartment, overlooking the beautiful Ashland Springs Hotel and the surrounding mountains. (Dinner, by the way, was Jacqui’s famous fettucini alfredo.) Followed by a round of home-made doughnuts at Noah’s apartment (including Jacqui’s newest doughnut creation – the Groovy Bob – a sugar doughnut filled with home-made lemon curd. Please note: this is a comment on how much Bob loves lemon curd, NOT a comment on Bob’s personality! And BTW – Jacqui says “thanks” to Auntie Nan for all of her help with the lemon curd recipe.)


    The view from the porch of Josh and Jacqui’s apartment. Ashland, July 2012.

  • A late night airport pick-up, involving Chris & Josh (the picker-uppers), Liz (the pick-upee), and a Special Hand-Made Greeting Sign (made by anonymous).


    At the Medford Airport, Grandma Chris and Uncle Josh, picking up Show Biz Liz. July, 2012.

  • Monday lunch on the deck at Greenleaf Restaurant, following a  back-stage tour of OSF, personalized especially for a friend visiting Ashland from – what for it – New Paltz. It was good to see Irene Berner and spend a little bit of time with her out here on the Left Coast (as she calls it).
  • And finally, a wonderful Monday Family & Friends Dinner at the home of our long-time friends Tony and Robin Heald. (Tony has been a friend for many years and has also been an actor with OSF for years as well as NYC, films, tv, etc. and Robin’s pre-school has been a sweet home for two of our three granddaughters.) Everyone was there. Tony and Robin and their children, Zoe and Dylan. And all of our brood, Noah and his girls, Josh and Jacqui, and our daughter, the famous Show Biz Liz.

So, that’s just the first couple of days. Tuesday we start adding in the serious business of theatre-going with an evening performance of Henry V in the outdoor Elizabethan Theatre. But more of that anon.

Until the next post, we leave you with a few more photos from these first few days.

Thanks for joining us.

Grandma Chris and Grandpa Bob and all of the good folks at MMSC!


Jacqui at Starbucks, Sunday, July 29, 2012


Josh at Starbuck’s, Sunday, July 29, 2012


Lunch at Greenleaf, Monday, July 30, 2012. Liz and Bob.


Noah and the girls (Stella, Zoe and Nellie), Ashland, July 29, 2012.

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