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So, there we were. Finally, it was Saturday, July 28, Departure Day,  and we were finally heading out. The substance of our lives for the next two weeks packed into two small suitcases. Much thinking about “do I really need this?” comes into play when facing the restricted space of a suitcase. But I digress.

I found myself thinking about gateways.

  • Do gateways lead us out of a place or do they lead us in?
  • Do we find ourselves walking away from something familiar with a sense  of loss or toward something else with a sense of wonder and anticipation?
  • And interestingly, how many gateways do we encounter in the course of our day and just never stop to think about the process of leaving and entering, going and coming, departing and arriving?

Here are but a few of the many gateways that Bob and I encountered as we made our way from New Paltz, New York to Ashland, Oregon on July 28, 2012.
Here’s Gateway #1 for us as we departed from our home in New Paltz. This is an example of a Leaving Gateway.

Sad Mia in Gateway (New Paltz, NY 2012)

This is our Rhodesian Ridegback, Mia, sitting on the “being left” side of this particular gateway.

She was highly suspicious of those creepy suitcase things.

Little does she know however that she will be spending the next two weeks with her very good friend, Craig Chapman. Craig is not only house-sitting, but plans to take Mia on her very first New Paltz Kayaking Tours adventures!
Bye, bye Mia. We will miss you.

We started out, bright and early, at 7 am (EDT). Our good friend, and fabulous driver, Don Wildy took us all the way down to JFK. (Wait a minute. Isn’t “all the way” supposed to be LBJ, not JFK? Never mind.) We breezed through ticketing and security and walked through many a gateway on our way to find our Gateway to Minneapolis.

Gateway to Minneapolis.

Oh, yes. The pathway from New Paltz to Ashland is not particularly straight: New Paltz – JFK – Minneapolis – Portland – Medford – Ashland. So, this is only one of many stops and gateways.

One of the last Gateways of the Trip – our Gateway to Medford, Oregon. Almost There.

Only one more leg of today’s trip once we land in Medford.

A quick car ride from the airport at Medford to the wilds of downtown (???) Ashland and our little home-away-from-home on B Street.

And beyond that final Gateway of the day was this happy little scene. Our reunion with our granddaughters, Stella, Zoe & Nellie. We haven’t seen them since the summer of 2010, so this was a happy reunion indeed. This is an example of an Arriving Gateway.

Grandma Chris, Grandpa Bob & the girls (Nellie, Zoe and Stella) – Ashland, July 28, 2012to Ashlandand the final Gateway of this day’s journey, leading to what lies beyond the Gateways of July 28, 2012.

Stay tuned. Tomorrow’s adventures will include: having coffee, hanging out and stocking up at the Ashland Food Co-op. The fun is just beginning.

By the way, we heard from our faithful house/dog-sitter Craig that the weather in New Paltz was too stormy for safe kayaking. So, Mia’s plans to become the official mascot for New Paltz Kayaking Tours will have to be put on hold for another day. Saturday’s adventures for Mia included napping and napping and eating and napping.

Maybe Mia should start her own blog and share her adventures.

Christine and Mia at Water Street Market, New Paltz, 2010

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