MMSC is to be congratulated both for choice of play and performance.~Woodstock Times

Meanwhile back on the Million Dollar Deck…

We have been very busy ever since we returned from our recent trip out to the wilds of the West Coast. It was very tough to say our good byes in Oregon and leave our wonderful little home-away-from-home apartment in Ashland. Good bye to great theatre on a daily basis, good bye to morning coffee with our family and meeting “on the bricks” to decide what adventures we were taking off on for the day.

Our trip back – through those same Gateways that took us from New York to Oregon – only in reverse – was uneventful. We even landed ahead of schedule at JFK! And our good friend Don was kind enough to pick us up and deposit us back on Nepale Drive.

Our big news is the recent addition of our newest canine family member, Miss Georgia! She is a beautiful 7 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy, a rescue who came to us when she was in need of a forever home. We had been thinking about adding to our little family.  It had been over a year since we lost our beloved Molly Eileen. And here was lovely Georgia, asking to live out her life with us. So, we asked Mia how she felt about it and she said “Oh, ok.”

So here she is. She is anxious to meet everyone, to sit on MMSC rehearsals, and to greet all of our friends when next they visit.

Next up for us? Deciding on the Fall Season for MMSC, the start of classes at SUNY New Paltz for Bob, and the start of a new job at Unison Arts Center for Chris. As for Mia and Georgia, they are starting on a new life as the Girls of Nepale. Come and see them sometime!

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