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Smoke actually does get in your eyes

Well, here it is Tuesday morning and one half of the MMSC team has been in Ashland since Saturday afternoon. (The second half of the team arrives late on Wednesday night.) We have been enjoying the time to enjoy family and friends, eat delicious food, drink delicious wine, and sit around and have those kind of conversations that you can only have when you have lots of time with those aforementioned family and friends.

The RunDown

Saturday – a middle-of-the-night departure from NY and three scheduled-too-close-together flights later, I find myself at the Medford Oregon airport, being greeted by the beautiful Jacqui Alvarez. Short drive to Ashland and our 2013 trip has begun! Saturday is all about “hellos.” Hello to Jacqui, and our sons Noah and Josh. Hello to Ashland and the familiar “bricks” in front of the OSF campus. Josh is working a matinee of Taming of the Shrew¬† (he is shadowing the sound technician for that show because he will have to fill-in later this week) and Noah is off being certified to ride motorcycles in the state of Oregon. Lots of time for Jacqui and me to shop for dinner, sit and drink wine, and then enjoy dinner once the boys (I can call them that; I am their mother after all) are back. Dinner was a fabulous salad with white beans, grilled veggies, goat cheese, and fresh tuna. Strawberries for dessert. Thank you Jacqui for being such a great cook! Great first day back on the west coast

The view on Sunday morning.

The view on Sunday morning.


Sunday – am on the front porch of Josh and Jacqui’s apartment. Here is the view on Sunday morning. Notice the mountains in the background. We will get back to that view later on in this post. Sunday is another matinee for Josh – this time he is mixing the sound for My Fair Lady. Noah is in his final day of Motorcycle School, and Jacqui and I choose to hang out at the Grizzley Peak Winery (not a bad assignment.) Also mid-morning coffee with a very dear friend – Michael Maag – who is the Lighting Supervisor for OSF. [polldaddy poll=7287072]Dinner and a movie. And what a movie. 20 Feet From Stardom. A wonderful documentary about back-up singers.¬† See it if you have the opportunity. Another day filled with conversations and memories.

Monday – If you are in the theatre, then you know that Mondays are the day off. Lots of coffee, front porch sitting, conversations, and another delicious Jacqui dinner – this time Fettucini Alfredo with fresh spinach and tomatoes and – wait for it – mocha cheesecake and strawberries. AND we watched the smoke roll in over the mountains from the Douglas Complex fires. (That means that there are multiple wildfires – hence “complex” – all started by lighting strikes and very dry brush.) Crazy and more than a little weird. By evening the view was completely obstructed by the smoke. And yes, everything and everywhere smells like a big backyard bar-be-que.

Front porch with smoke.

Front porch with smoke.

Tuesday – So, more coffee but no front porch sitting (and here is the view from the front porch this morning. See the difference?) We are making plans to pick up Mr. Bob tomorrow night, settling into our little apartment, and making the schedule for which shows we are going to see at OSF. So far we expect to see” Streetcar Named Desire, King Lear, My Fair Lady, and The Liquid Plain. More detail in the following days.

For now – wanted to get you all up-to-date. And thanks for keeping track of us.

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