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The Saga of our AQI

Here’s the simple explanation: As a result of the numerous wildfires burning in Southern Oregon, air quality in the Rogue Valley has become extremely unhealthy. In short, the AQI (Air Quality Index) in Ashland has gone from 150 (USI – Unhealthy for Sensitive Individuals) to 200 (Unhealthy) to today’s AQI of 291 (Very Unhealthy). We are well on our way to Hazardous.

For those of you who are actually interested: here is a link on the current AQI in the Ashland area –

And perfecting our collection of indoor activities.

The performances on the outdoor stage have been cancelled for the past two nights and will probably be cancelled again tonight … and tomorrow night … and…Fortunately for us, most of our plans were to see performances in the other two (indoor) theatres. Hoping to see King Lear to night, but we will have to see if Mr. Bob arrives in town tonight.

The original plan was for Bob to arrive last night at 11 pm; HOWEVER when the trip involves a perfect transition between three separate (and scheduled-too-close-together) flights, schedule screw ups are inevitable, right? So, the details notwithstanding, Bob spent last night in a beautiful Holiday Inn suite (complete with two widescreen TVs and a jacuzzi) in – wait for it – Detroit. As of this writing, he is on the ground in Minneapolis and waiting to board a flight for Portland and then Medford and then…stay tuned.

In the meantime, we are hanging indoors, enjoying good food and wine, and especially enjoying the ability to simply be together.

Really – stay tuned.

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