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Tuesday, Henry V and a Band of Brothers

Michael Maag, OSF Lighting Department Manager, and Noah Beauregard, OSF Master Electrician, on tech set for OSF’s production of Henry V in the outdoor Elizabethan Theatre. Photo by Jenny Graham.

From this day to the ending of the world …
We in it shall be remembered,
We few, we happy few, we band of brothers.
For he today that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother…
Henry V, William Shakespeare

Suddenly it has become Tuesday. How did that happen? Did you ever notice how much faster time goes by on a vacation? At the beginning of your time away from reality, your adventure seems to sweep out in front of you with dazzling possibilities. You will most certainly have time to meet up with so many friends, so many times, and do so many things because you have all the time in the world, right? Maybe not. So, it is good that this blog at least allows us to chronicle our comings-and-goings and at the end of our time here, maybe we will be able to say “Oh, that’s how we spent all of that time that seemed to have slipped away.”

Liz enjoying a beautiful morning – checking her email in the gorgeous cool morning air out here in Ashland – on the back deck of our little abode.

Tuesday morning – spent just hanging out, writing a blog entry of our weekend adventures, and eating a delicious breakfast out on the back deck. Eggs and turkey bacon, lovingly prepared by Mr. Bob (or Groovy to those who know him best.) And then – on with the day.

Noon and it is an OSF Park Talk, featuring our very good friend Michael Maag (who is OSF’s Lighting Department Manager) and our son Noah Beauregard (who is OSF’s Master Electrician). Sitting outside in the beautiful Bill Patton Garden, we heard all about LEDs, intelligent lights, and the future of theatrical lighting. Some good questions from the audience, but there is always that person who just has to ask “what was your worst lighting disaster?”

Michael Maag and Noah Beauregard, Park Talk, July 31, 2012.

Following the Park Talk, we hung out with Michael and Noah having lunch at the Standing Stone Restaurant. Great lunch, good conversation,  but the best part was Michael bringing along that sample LED-thingy which he had used during the Park Talk.

It made a stunning table arrangement and Michael had several offers to purchase it.

Michael Maag, Standing Stone Restaurant, Ashland, July 31, 2012.

Afternoon spent window shopping (Chris & Liz), napping (Bob), and working (Noah, Josh & Jacqui).

LED table decor, courtesy of Michael Maag. Standing Stone, Ashland Oregon. July 31, 2012.

Noah and Groovy Bob at lunch, Standing Stone, July 31, 2012.

Late afternoon spent hanging out on the back deck with a little wine and cheese, followed by sandwiches from the new deli in town. Best part of dinner? We were all together – Bob, Chris, Noah, Liz, Josh & Jacqui. Our own little band of brothers and sisters. Much laughter. Nothing better. Nothing at all.

Tuesday evening, our first taste of OSF 2012. Up to bat: Henry V on the outdoor stage of the Elizabethan Theatre.

Beautiful evening. Gorgeous breeze.

Sitting in the balcony (on an aisle seat – thank you, Noah) and watching the sun set behind the stark, stunning OSF production of this inspiring play.

Having read the play several times but never actually seen it performed, I am happy to say that this is a really good production. Well-directed. Well-acted. Moves right along, no muss, no fuss, just the plot ma’am.

OSF’s production of Henry V, Ashland, July 31, 2012.

And THE speech was beautiful, absolutely well-done. Take-your-breath-away good and very different from any other delivery of that speech I have ever heard. Well-done you few, you happy few, you band of brothers. What a great start to the theatre portion of this summer trip to Ashland.

John Tufts as Henry V, OSF, Ashland, July 31, 2012. Photo by Jenny Graham.

And so ends our Tuesday. Now it’s on to Wednesday, another lazy blogging morning, lunch with Noah, dinner adds in  Josh & Jacqui (hopefully), and then ending with the Marx Brothers and Animal Crackers.

But that’s tomorrow’s entry.

Until then, we will just enjoy our own little band of brothers (and sisters).

Wednesday’s adventures will include Animal Crackers.

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